Digital Campus #12

It’s hard to believe it, but Dan, Tom, and I have now been podcasting at Digital Campus for half a year. That means Episode 12 is up and available for your listening enjoyment and I’m happy to report that Skype seems to have worked much better for us this time, so the sound quality is largely back to normal.

Regular listeners won’t be surprised to find that Dan has finally given in to temptation and….well, you’ll have to listen to find out what he did. The main focus of the podcast, however, is not Dan’s personal weaknesses, but how digital humanists can survive the onslaught of information that comes at us, or that we ask for when we dive into massive databases of historical content. I suppose that the conversation we had on Friday about too much information helped spur me to finally get my take on H-Net down in the blog and I’m glad it did, because yesterday’s post is generating a fair amount of comment–both in the blog and via email.

So, when you have a chance, download Digital Campus #12 and then tell us what you think.