Eight Guys from Trenton (cont’d)

Readers of edwired will know that for several years I’ve been pursuing the identities and history of eight guys from Trenton, NJ who happen to live on my office all in a photograph I procured from a junk shop almost three decades ago.

Of late I’ve been zeroing in on them just a bit more — first as a result of an email I sent to someone connected to the frame shop that framed the image and now as a result of a posting on H-Net’s H-New-Jersey discussion forum. Those who know the history of my discussions of H-Net here will surely get a chuckle from the fact that I obtained useful information from H-New-Jersey, but I stand by my original views on that particular subject (email vs. blogs and social networks).

Nevertheless, there is no denying that John Fabiano’s contribution to H-New-Jersey has me thinking that I might need to get in my car one of these weekend and drive up to Trenton to see if anyone recognizes one or more of these guys. I have also written to the Roma Bank (descendant of the Roma Building and Loan) but didn’t hear back from them. So I may need to go knock on their door to get an answer — or better yet, access to their archives.

2 thoughts on “Eight Guys from Trenton (cont’d)

  1. John Fabiano

    Prof. Kelly,
    I met briefly with Maurice T. Perilli, Chairman & Executive V.P. of Roma Bank today, 1/15/09 and discussed your photo with him. I subsequently sent a link to the .jpg and your various blogspots.

    Stay tuned….


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