Pressure, pressure

The latest edition of our Digital Campus podcast went up last week. Tom and Dan upped the pressure on me to start tweeting, but I’m proud to say that I stood firm and I still don’t tweet. In addition to my continued struggles to remain true to my principles, we spent the podcast discussing all the news that was fit to blab about in the world of technology, teaching, and the humanities. One of the “sites of the week” worth a close look is the annual meeting of the American Association for History and Computing. This year’s meeting (April 3-5), “Frontiers in Digital History,” will be held here at George Mason and the Center for History and New Media. So, give the podcast a listen and if you are one of those people who stalks others on Twitter, you can start following Digital Campus that way too…however it is that you stalk people that way.

One thought on “Pressure, pressure

  1. Steve Harris

    Resistance is futile! The Borg invented tweeting to keep us all connected, but not allow us to say that much.

    Keep up the fight, Mills!

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