Edward Owens and Wikipedia

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet in the past 10 years or so — and who hasn’t — you’ll know that one of the most popular memes is the Top 10 list. I don’t think I’ve ever perpetuated on before, but when Edward Owens, the fictional pirate created by the students in my course Lying About the Past, made the Top 10 list of Wikipedia hoaxes published in PCWorld back in January, I just couldn’t resist posting a notice here. Because that article appeared in January and I’m only just now noticing it, that gives you a sense of how immersed I’ve been trying to finish up a book that is due to the publisher in a few days. That I’m posting this now is a sign I’m looking for distractions.

For those who care, I will be teaching Lying About the Past again in the spring 2012 semester. So, as I wrote in August 2008, you have been warned.

3 thoughts on “Edward Owens and Wikipedia

  1. Kelly Kreis

    I’m glad to hear that you are going to be teaching that class again. I still talk about that class and everything we did. Definitely the best class a history major could take!

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