Hacking the Academy — the Book

I’m pleased to announce that Hacking the Academy is now available in its online edition from the University of Michigan’s Digital Culture series.

As my colleague Dan Cohen explains in his post on how the book came about, one should be careful about what one wishes for when it comes to a “hack” of a book. This one week project edited by Dan and Tom Scheinfeldt resulted in more than 300 contributions from almost 200 authors. Wading through all of that content to determine what would ultimately make it into the book was, I’m sure, a daunting task. I’m pleased that two bits of the book came out of this blog [1, 2]. Given how many excellent historians offered up some of their work for the project, I’m also humbled that some of my own writing made the final cut.

I love the variety of contributions in the book and look forward to reading (or re-reading) them all. The one thing I wish is that there were an eBook version of the book so I could download it onto my iPad. Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the look and feel of a book, even if that look and feel is reproduced in pixels rather than pulp.

5 thoughts on “Hacking the Academy — the Book

  1. Tad Suiter

    I found myself immediately wanting an e-reader version as well– I’d really rather read it on my Kindle.

    Actually, I think that’s my weekend project: looking into how feasible it would be to swipe the html from the website, make it a .mobi file with Amazon’s KindleGen, and then put that Kindle version up on a torrent. From a cursory look at the copyrights and EULAs it seems totally legal, so it’ll be just a matter of how difficult KindleGen is to use and how much wrangling the styling will take.

  2. Zachary Schrag

    Congratulations to all involved!

    Like Mills and Tad, I would like to read this, but not on a laptop. How hard would it be to write a CSS to make the book show up well on a smartphone?

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