THATCamp Switzerland

Today and tomorrow I’m at THATCamp Switzerland, fulfilling a promise I made a year ago in Basel when one of the chief organizers, Enrico Natale of the University of Lausanne asked me, “If we can realize a THATCamp Switzerland, will you come?” I said yes, and so here I am.

As of this morning, 106 people are registered from 10 different countries. Because we’re in Switzerland, the languages of the conference are French, German, and Italian, but English is the common language, so it is the one we’ll be using most often (to my relief). My main job is to introduce the basic principles of THATCamp, which I’ll discharge during the first morning’s session. This means that I get to spend the rest of the two days just participating in sessions, which means I get to learn a lot while I’m here.

For those who want to follow the event on Twitter (I’m told people do that), the Hastag is: #TCCH

Here is the list of proposal ideas submitted prior to the conference. It will be interesting to see what ultimately bubbles to the surface for tomorrow sessions.