Lying About the Past — The Syllabus

As promised earlier, here is the syllabus for my course Lying About the Past, the second iteration of the course. This year, of course, there will be no historical hoaxes having anything to do with pirates, that one having already been done. The prior version of the course continues to generate comment, a fact (not a hoax) that indicates to me that the course continues to be worth teaching. As of this writing, the class is fully enrolled and larger than it was in 2008, so it’s likely that the students will produce two hoaxes instead of one. So, consider yourself warned–twice.

9 thoughts on “Lying About the Past — The Syllabus

  1. Tona

    Sweet! Looking forward to the new iteration, and to new mischief in the service of teaching students to be discerning and mindful historians. Cheers.

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