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Edwired is a blog that considers the intersection of digital technologies and history. It lives on the servers of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, where I have too many jobs.

In no particular order, I am:

My name is Mills Kelly and if you want to know more, read my short bio or find me on Facebook (which I left last year but had to rejoin because I have a teenager at home). I do not Tweet, despite appearances to the contrary.

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  1. Kim Richards says:

    Hi Mills,

    This is a great website! I couldn’t agree more about the lack of women studying history. It’s worse than some STEM fields. I tried to get a job teaching history in HS but couldn’t coach football so here I am in a Learning Science doctoral program.

    Also, I’m very inspired by your pedagogy of disruption and the creation of historical hoaxes to teach how to detect dangerous and untrustworthy information online and develop expert historians. Given recent events (e.g. Syrian Electronic Army hacking into the AP Twitter account and the Onion), we need to teach how to read like a historian as a form of counter terrorism so that citizens are not susceptible to these types of cyber-attacks.

    This historical hoax curriculum has sparked many ideas!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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