SAA 2015: Awards Committee

By gkur

I’m a new member of the SAA Awards Committee. It’s my first entry to the world of SAA committees. I’m excited to help award prizes! Attending the annual meeting was very helpful in understanding the structure and responsibilities of the committee.

SAA gives out over 20 awards a year at the annual meeting. Thankfully they don’t give out all the awards at once – this year the distribution was spread out over two plenary sessions and a separate awards ceremony.

Nominations and applications are due in February and then awarded in August of every year. Nominees may apply for more than one award but they will only be awarded one. I will be serving on the Spotlight Award subcommittee. This award recognizes contributions to the archives profession such as the following:

  • Participating in special projects.
  • Exhibiting tireless committee or advocacy work.
  • Responding effectively to an unforeseen or pressing need or emergency.
  • Contributing innovative or creative ideas to the profession.
  • Performing extraordinary volunteerism.
  • Quietly but effectively promoting the profession.

From the award description: “It is awarded to an individual archivist or a group of up to five archivists who have collaborated on a project. Preference is given to archivists working in smaller repositories, especially those without institutional support for professional activities.”

The award includes a certificate (woot!) and your next SAA annual conference registration fee is taken care of (sweet!).

If this award isn’t for you, there is probably another one that you might be interested in! Go check out all the SAA awards!

Source: Greta Suiter  

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