How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Business Website

By Andrea Zoellner

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Building a beautiful website for your business begins with choosing a theme — a design that controls page layout, widget areas, and default style. With more than 350 free and paid themes on, selecting a theme for your business website can feel overwhelming, but you can make it easier by focusing on these three questions.

What Am I Publishing on My Website?

Draft a visual map of your website to help you plan your site structure and decide what you want your homepage to look like. Will your homepage contain static information about your business like a welcome message and business hours or do you want to showcase your latest blog content?

In a theme overview page or when trying out a live demo, look at how the theme handles Widgets — tools or content blocks that you can add, arrange, and remove on your website. Widget areas can include the footer, sidebar, or unique places on the homepage. Menus are another useful way to organize Pages, Posts, and links on your website.

The Sela theme, for example, has seven Widget areas, two options for testimonials, and a custom menu. Kirsten of The Pink Rose Bakery chose to use the theme’s grid layout to organized links to her recipes, blog, and social media right on the homepage.

What Features Do I Need?

Are you building a restaurant website, a landing page for your hotel, a corporate blog, or something completely different? Depending on your business, you may need website features exclusive to certain themes.

Prepare a list of your must-have features so you know right away if a theme is hitting the mark. You can use the filters in the drop-down menu under “Find a Theme” to narrow down the themes with the features and layouts you want for your website.

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