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I attended the Northeast meeting of Code4Lib last Friday (12/4/2015) at Dartmouth College. It was my first Code4Lib anything and I had a great time. Got to hear about some interesting projects/workflows/ideas/tools from a range of careers that all have libraries in common. There were programmers, students, librarians, and archivists all in attendance and being nice to each other.

Here are the notes I took during the sessions:

Twitter: #NEcode4lib

10:15-10:45 a.m.: Alice Prael (JFK Library) and Jeff Erickson (Umass Boston) – Where to Start Implementing Digital Preservation, NDSR

Some resources:

  • Preserving (Digital) Objects w/ restricted resources – POWRR – white paper
  • North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources
  • LC Digital Preservation Outreach and Education

10:45-11:15 a.m.: Stefanie Ramsay (state library of MA) and Julie Seifert (Harvard) – Building the Digital Preservation Community, NDSR

This was sort of a call to arms to brainstorm how we could centralize all info about digital preservation – which i think is sort of impossible and these types of ideas (having lists, centralizing info) is what librarians (and others) love to do, but I feel like it usually ends up being just another place people have to look. That being said, i’ve found email digests to be the most pleasant and direct way for me to get info. I signed up for Miriam Posner’s News and Information from the UCLA Digital Humanities Program emails and I think it gives a pretty good view of what’s happening in the world of DH. Also professional listservs sort of do this. But it all comes down to who is participating and how much people are participating. It is a nice idea and thought, but i can’t really envision the answer.


  • how to continue conversations after conferences, across distances
  • current landscape – conferences, listservs, social media (twitter), blogs, wikis
  • problem with platforms – lose track, lose
    Source: Greta Suiter  
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