Learning by Editing

By gkur

Every edit-a-thon needs snacks.

I took part in my fourth MIT Libraries hosted Wikipedia edit-a-thon yesterday! It was a node event for the Art+Feminism themed events happening all over the world. I loved being a part of a larger community of editors; there is something comforting in knowing that you are not alone in your editing pursuits. And of course it is great to be in a room with a group of editors who are willing to help and learn from each other. I always learn something new about editing Wikipedia and about history at these events. At edit-a-thons there is always a tug between getting to know the people there, and focusing on the editing.

During the session I worked on two articles – a draft for Alisa Wells, a photographer who lived and worked in Rochester, New York and experimented with multiple exposures and found glass-plate negatives, and also Ghisha Koenig – a political left-wing artist who created sculptures of people at work in industrial settings.

The editors, busy editing

There were about 20 people who came in during the edit-a-thon, that includes library colleagues, New England Wikimedians, and MIT and other college students. Some stayed for almost the entire time, others dropped in to ask a question and then left. I think art is so important, that is it hard for me to believe there is so much art history missing from Wikipedia. It is great because it is an opportunity to get people that wouldn’t think they would be good editors to start engaging, because if they don’t get it online, no one else will.


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