NECode4Lib 2016

By gkur


This was my second time at the Hampshire College campus this fall. The first was for the New England Archivists fall meeting at the Yiddish Book Center. The NECode4Lib regional meeting was held at a different venue – the red barn on campus. It was a wintry day with snow falling most of the morning, making the drive just as scenic as it was in October when I got to see the fall foliage.

This blog post will give some key points and takeaways from a selection of presentations, as well as some Twitter highlights, and some images from the library tour I took during lunch.

Two themes that struck me as important / reaffirmed my own biases –

1. Users want access to the stuff – not info about the stuff

2. Visuals help engage users – both digitally (click on image / browse by image) and physically (add images / visual interest to library space)

Here is a breakdown of the schedule:

Keynote – Smith (Rob O’Connell and Barbara Polowy) – Bento Box

  • Will launch new website Jan 2017
  • EBSCO discover system (EDS) – multi-format materials in one dump – confusing for patrons
  • Using EBSCO’s framework, not open source
  • Linking in other content w/ API’s – DPLA
  • Patrons don’t want to dig down, they just want the resource / content [This was reiterated later in the death to finding aids talk – good to know it exists for libraries as much as for archives.]
New ways of searching at Smith using Bento Box; arranges results by type – Books, Articles, Video; includes DPLA, scholarly blogs
  • StackMap built in – giving location of where item is in the library [yes! It is always confusing trying to find your way around a library!]
  • There is a feedback button so people can leave
    Source: Greta Suiter  
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