National Conference of African American Librarians (NCAAL)

By Greta Kuriger Suiter

Below is my presentation for the 10th Annual Conference of African American Librarians which was held in Atlanta this year. I became involved when I saw a call for presenters who had worked with Wikipedia with a focus on diversity. Tiffany Atwater Lee at the Archives Research Center at the Atlanta University Center Robert Woodruff Library put the panel and proposal together and Curtis Small Jr. at the University of Delaware was the third panelist. It was such a pleasure to meet them both and learn about their Wikipedia related projects! All of our slides can be found on Google Drive here.

Intro: I’m Greta Suiter, Collections Archivist at the MIT Institute Archives and Special Collections. I seriously started getting involved with editing Wikipedia after I volunteered to lead an edit-a-thon highlighting collections from the Archives. It ended up being a great way to jump into the world of Wikipedia and has lead to much collaborative work and conference presentations.

Hosting edit-a-thons is a great way for librarians and archivists to share their collections and subject expertise, expand the content on Wikipedia, and teach others about digital literacy, writing, and how to edit. It can be an impactful learning experience that empowers participants to edit one of the most influential websites ever. As we all know if it doesn’t exist on Wikipedia many people are less likely to think it is real or important.

Wikipedia is conscious of its gaps and how it is not actually “the sum of all human knowledge.” Overall it does suffer from systemic bias – the editors, and when you look at the numbers you can see that it isn’t that many editors – around 3500 that are responsible for most of the edits on Wikipedia. And the
Source: Greta Suiter  

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