Bullet journal December layout

By Greta Kuriger Suiter

December set up supplies: stickers, pen, highlighters, and notebook

I’ve kept a work notebook for years. It’s been a place for notes from meetings, ideas for future projects, and to-do reminders. Recently I’ve been looking for ways to make the notebook more efficient and I came across bullet journaling. What immediately appealed to me with a bullet journal is that it is a way to keep the notebook more organized than just a traditional daily journal type set-up and it is extremely flexible to fit your needs.

Now that we have a baby on the way (um, like any day) I want to use the same notebook for my next three months at home. Combining my home and work life into one notebook is also something the bullet journal enables.

Here are the basics to the bullet journal setup – http://bulletjournal.com/

Part of the beauty of bullet journaling is that you don’t need much to start. A new notebook is encouraged and who doesn’t love buying new notebooks?! I prefer spiral bound notebooks that I can fold up. I usually buy a few at a time and the ones I have on hand at the moment are Mnemosyne A5 notebooks. I’ve also started using a Pilot Vpen disposable fountain pen. In the last month I bought a pack of Zebra Mildliner highlighters and am incorporating more stickers. For December I bought a pack of Mark & Line Schedule Poyo Animals stickers that work well with a calendar set up.

December set up supplies: stickers, pen, highlighters, and notebook

I’ve been using the bullet journal for about three months now and I’ve realized that the beginning of the month is an important time in the world of bullet journalers. It’s the time to set up your journal for
Source: Greta Suiter  

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