Course Prep: Choosing an Audience

By Tori Arthur

Call me selfish. Or, downright lazy.

By¬†designing a project for students in a cultural tourism class, I am essentially killing two birds with one stone. One bird is the cultural tourism course I’m preparing to teach in the upcoming academic year. The other is the course on digital pedagogy I am currently taking. The facile answer to the question of why I am concentrating on a project for undergrad students would be, “I am preparing to teach undergrad students and I’m using this project as a way to build my syllabus.” A more complex answer would be that designing a digital assignment for undergraduates is my first step toward figuring out how to use digital tools in the historical thinking process.

Essentially Рweird as it may sound РI am the primary audience for this project. Creating the project forces me to develop my own content and procedural knowledge and forces me to explore and acknowledge the limitations of my own historical thinking. While my future students will be completing the assignment and hopefully will learn to think about the intersections of history and tourism, I will be both teacher and student in this process. Ultimately, what happens when I run this project will determine how I develop digital assignments in the future.

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