Fifth Piece of the Puzzle

By Rebeca Coleman

Continuing with conceptualizing my project, I want to work with the Cold War and mapping through that.  That is ambitious for the short amount of time this class provides, so I am simply picking one event from the Cold War to map and have students analyze: the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I have already chosen an image and a video clip that I think will be used within my project.  To add to this, I have found a text document that I would also like to include.  It is a New York Times article from October 23, 1962, titled “U.S. Imposes Arms Blockade on Cuba on Finding Offensive Missile Sites; Kennedy Ready for Soviet Showdown.”  It describes what was going on in the United States at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  This is valuable for students because they can read exactly what American citizens were reading at the time.  They can also see how this is framed from an American point of view.  They can start to ask historical questions about the document as they read through it, and continue their research based on their historical questions.

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