It’s Nice to Be #2

While I was out of town and off the grid for a few days I got about 200 emails — par for the course in this world of email, email, and more email. One that I was glad to receive came from a colleague who pointed me to this story on people described as among the “most creative” in higher education today. Being #2 on this list was a surprise, given the others further down. While I do consider myself a creative person when it comes to pedagogy, I have to say, I was very impressed with what others on this list are doing. Be sure and read through the entire story, because there are some inspirational ideas there.

1 thought on “It’s Nice to Be #2

  1. Nabeel Siddiqui

    This is great news. Great company also with individuals such as Lawrence Lessig, whose work I have greatly admired.

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