I am a regular speaker on campuses around the country and the world on a wide range of subjects focused on the future of higher education. These talks often focus on historical pedagogy and the digital humanities, but I also speak on the future of pedagogy at this moment of transition in higher education. Recent […]


This page is nothing more than a list of blog essays that began as a series, but have now been collected into single, longer essays. Eventually, these are all likely to make their way into something “book like.” Or not. That’s still to be decided. History Spaces (2014) The History Curriculum in 2023 (2103) Making […]

Visualization as an Introduction to Text Mining?

Over the next 24 hours thousands, if not tens of thousands, of pages of text will appear on the Internet that will be of use to historians–books via Google, government documents, primary sources from archives, and many more. This blessing and curse of the digital age presents those of us who teach history with a […]