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Siri? Can You Help Me?

Have you seen people walking around talking to their iPhones like they were alive? Do you think it’s creepy? Or do you wish Siri loved you the way she loves them? Tom, Amanda, Dan, and I speculated about what the Siri phenomenon might mean (or more likely not mean) for digital humanities in the most recent edition of Digital Campus. Of more substance, we also discussed the future of academic publishing, libraries, and archives in some detail, given such trends as the rise of alternative publishing models and the increasing likelihood that the Digital Public Library of America is actually going to happen. And for you long time listeners to the podcast, I made a shocking request that has yet to be answered…Want to know what that’s all about? You’ll have to go listen.

Digital Replacements?

The latest edition of Digital Campus is now up and ready for your listening pleasure. On the podcast, Dan, Tom, and I (along with irregulars Amanda French and Bryan Alexander) discuss a variety of possible digital replacements for things we hold near and dear such as textbooks, university presses, and even — shudder — Facebook. I tried to convince everyone that Facebook was doomed and that that long awaited IPO from Facebook should happen sooner rather than later, but I’m afraid none of the others on the podcast were buying what I was selling. Do you agree with me (of course you do) or with them? Listen, decide, and leave a comment on the DC website explaining why I was right all along.

Digital Campus, the iPad, and the NEH

It’s spring, the birds are singing, and Tom, Dan, and I — and our special guest Lisa Spiro — have recorded another Digital Campus podcast. In addition to discussing the NEH start up grants in more detail, we managed to work in a comment or two about the iPad, which I’ve heard launched recently. And Dan gave us all an update on the Shape of Things to Come conference [Be sure to read this commentary on the meeting.]. For reasons I am less clear on, Twitter seemed to be an important part of the meeting (maybe someday I’ll understand the fascination with Twitter). Be sure to check out the podcast and let us know what you think. Also, if you are not already a subscriber to Lisa’s excellent blog Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, you need to start subscribing. It is one of the more thoughtful and important blogs in the field just now.

What We Did Last Summer

Digital Campus is back on the air after a summer break. Although we don’t reveal much about what we did during the summer, we do talk a lot about what the world of digital humanities has been up to over the past several months. Take a listen, see what you think, and give us some feedback. If you are one of those Twitter people out there, I suppose you can tweet us too, but I can’t tell you how to do that…