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A Book and a Museum

Will you be in Portland anytime soon? If so, you need to visit the world’s oldest museum: the Faux Museum. More than 10,000 years old, the Faux Museum has mounted such important exhibitions as “The Presidential Briefs: The Underwear of the Presidents” and “The Faux Masters,” a critical examination of 24 artists who created work copied from the real masters.

Can’t travel to Portland anytime soon, then you must read Henry Hoke’s Guide to the MisguidedMark Thompson’s fascinating history of Australia’s least appreciated inventor. Hoke is the man who brought us such wonderful inventions as the wooden magnet, the glass hammer, and dehydrated water pills. Of course, his greatest invention was the Random Excuse Generator (REG). Although both presidential campaigns deny any knowledge of the REG, confidential and reliable sources inform me that both have secretly acquired a REG for the final weeks of the campaign. Given that Hoke made no more than four or five REGs in his lifetime, I think this demonstrates the lengths both campaigns will go to for any edge in a tight race.

My thanks to Mark Thompson for sending me a copy of his book. Not living in Australia, I had never heard of Hoke, but am so glad to now be able to appreciate his genius.