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Back to the Future

The most recent issue of the AHA’s Perspectives includes a very thought provoking essay by current AHA president Kenneth Pomerantz on the place of history courses in the general education curriculum. Pomerantz correctly sees history courses as being under threat … Continue reading

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The All Digital Semester

Now that I’m back in my old department (after four years in administration) I’m back up to a full teaching load and I’m happy that this semester is an all digital, all the time semester. That does not mean that … Continue reading

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Can Students Make Intelligent Choices?

In a recent opinion piece on general education requirements that appeared in the August 15 edition of The Washington Post, columnist Kathleen Parker opines: Students given so many choices aren’t likely to select what’s good for them. Given human nature, … Continue reading

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One year, four months, nine days

At last there is resolution on the course I and several colleagues proposed to our General Education Committee that was designed to meet the (now revised) information technology requirement for graduation from George Mason [earlier posts]. One year, four months, … Continue reading

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