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A joyful noise

In my last post I discussed my decision to teach 80 students (now 77) without lecturing. I’ve been wondering how it is going until today.

When I walked into class this morning there were already 20-25 students in the room and instead of sitting there staring straight ahead or checking their phones for new text messages, they were engaged in animated conversations, both about the subject of the course and about live in general.

As more and more students filtered in the noise level rose and rose. At the moment I should have been starting class there were so many conversations going on that I found it difficult to interrupt. It was just plain loud in my room.

That we have reached this level of camaraderie in only the fourth full week of the semester augurs well for the group work the students will need to do later in the semester.

For now I am just basking in the joy of their noise.