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Reddit, Hoaxes, and Wikipedia

One of the students in my course “Lying About the Past” emailed me today to let me know that someone has created a Wikipedia entry about the class hoax that was debunked by reddit users on the serial killer sub-reddit. A Wikipedian with the username “lamnurki” created the entry on June 22, 2012 and it has been edited a few times since. The entry gives a clear and concise summary of the students’ hoax, of what happened when they tried to spread it via reddit, and the aftermath of the hoax.

It’s interesting to me that of the two class hoaxes this past semester, the serial killer/reddit hoax was the less successful one, but the one that got the greatest buzz.

Lying About the Past on the CBC

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio show Spark has included an interview with me about Lying About the Past. The podcast of the show is here and the full interview is here. It was a lot of fun speaking with host Nora Young and I like the lead in to the segment…using an urban legend story was a nice touch. Give it a listen when you have a chance.