What History Majors Can Do

Over the years lots of people–many of them my students–have asked me what one can do with a major in history. There are the obvious answers, of course, like teach in the schools, work in public history, go to law school, etc.

Early this semester I had the good fortune to be interviewed by a very enterprising history major from Amherst College, Blanca Myers, about my hoax course from last semester.  Blanca was in the DC area working at the History Factory and was guest editing an issue of their quarterly newsletter. The most recent issue of that newsletter is the result of her internship at the History Factory and if you go and read some of it you will see a very good example of the kind of work history majors can do outside of the realm of the typical history major jobs.

Also, I highly recommend her work to you because her focus was on the “future of history.” The perspective of someone young, bright, and much more in touch with the technology than I am is really refreshing.

One thought on “What History Majors Can Do

  1. Chris

    After earning my B.A. in 1993,I became a technical writer. That was the start of 14 years working in Information Systems. While that was financially rewarding, I’ve obviously returned to my academic roots. It does influence how I approach research, writing, and teaching my areas of interest.

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