Making Digital Scholarship Count

In June 2008, I wrote a series of three posts, gathered here in one extended text, that I called “Making Digital Scholarship Count.” At the time, I was a full year past tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, and I had included digital work in my case for promotion and tenure here […]

Making Digital Scholarship Count (3)

In my earlier posts in this thread I laid out a basic argument about what digital scholarship might be and might not be and how it could count in the tenure and promotion process in higher education. Today I’m going to discuss how we might get to a place where digital scholarship might begin to […]

Making Digital Scholarship Count (2)

In my previous post in this thread, you may have noticed that I used the term “digital work” rather than “digital scholarship.” My choice of words was in no way accidental. Digital work encompasses everything historians do in the digital realm–scholarship, teaching, and service. “Digital scholarship” is a precisely defined (or should be precisely defined) […]

Making Digital Scholarship Count

Today I am inaugurating an extended series of posts on the question of how digital scholarship should “count” in the ways that things count at colleges and universities. As more and more scholars do work in the digital environment they are expecting this work to count toward tenure, promotion, and other types of formal evaluation […]