Should We Keep Teaching Writing?

This morning’s National Public Radio show included yet another story on “essay mills,” those dastardly buy-an-essay businesses that will write students’ essays for them for a fee. Of course, this is not the first such story on NPR [for example], nor is it anything like breaking news, given how much has been written about these […]

Ghost Trails

North America is lousy with ghost trails. Most of us walk right past them without noticing, or if we do, don’t stop to think about what we just saw, why it’s there, who (or what) made it, how it might take us into a historical moment if we would just step off the main path, […]

Peter Haber Five Years After

Yesterday I was honored to take part in a digital history seminar that gave its participants an opportunity to reflect on the life and accomplishments of our friend and colleague Peter Haber who died more than five years ago. Peter and I (along with Jan Hodel) were collaborators on an experimental digital history project and […]

Culling a Life

Last week I had the unenviable task of culling the life of my mother-in-law, aged 81. In some ways I was the perfect person for this task, because in my sister-in-law’s garage there were 32 banker’s boxes of files that needed to be sorted through in just under 72 hours, because we were relocating her […]