The Undergraduate Curriculum (III)

In my two earlier posts about the history undergraduate curriculum, I’ve taken up the issue of what is or should be required of history students, and how digital media might more usefully be incorporated into their educational experience. Today I want to look at a third issue in the teaching of history to undergraduates–the general […]

The Undergraduate Curriculum (II)

Yesterday I started a new thread on the undergraduate history curriculum. In the first post of this thread I posed a question about requirements in the major and what those requirements ought to look like. I also suggested that history majors themselves ought to have some input into the design of the major, given that […]

The Undergraduate Curriculum

A recent post by PhDinHistory about the history undergraduate curriculum (“Improving our Undergraduate Programs for History Majors”) got me thinking about our own curriculum here at George Mason because we’re about to embark on our decennial acceditation process and I will be leading the part of that process that deals with the undergraduate major. Sterling […]

The History Curriculum in 2023

I wrote this essay as a series of posts just before and during the annual meeting of the American Historical Association in January 2013, hence my seemingly arbitrary selection 2023 as a point of reference. What follows, is a slightly edited version of that series—edited so that the texts all fit together in this long […]